Bourkes Luck Potholes

Bourkes Luck Potholes is a minor area or place of unspecified or mixed character and indefinite boundaries in the county of South Africa

Its center lies at a latitude of -24.67531 and longitude of 30.81596 and it has an elevation of 1171 meters above sea level. The prodominant languages spoken are zu,xh,af,nso,en-ZA,tn,st,ts,ss,ve,nr and its currency is the Rand (ZAR), currently exchanging at per 1 USD.

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Collette Nxumalo @babeboo_81053 The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up"
Collette Nxumalo @babeboo_81053 I'm actually a really nice person but i don't put up with people's bullshit if that makes me rude then so be it"
Collette Nxumalo @babeboo_81053 It's a beautiful thing when two people are equally obsessed and infatuated with each other and don't care about anything else"
Calibar Beatz @CalibarBeatz I stayed tellin niggas about Nasty C, if u dnt knw homey better google him, u cnt afod to sleep him. Done
Collette Nxumalo @babeboo_81053 Wow Tau standing up 4 ur sister like dt if u knew wt u ar going through right nw its kumkani's fault u wil wash ur hands off him!!!!!!!!!!
Arno -Da soul @deepseeds Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas
Collette Nxumalo @babeboo_81053 when you actually matter to a person, they'll make time for you. no lies, no excuses"
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash Lol read the Bible again,God talked about Job giving you a job. Read and apply.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash We got a dog now,so ill be tweeting more about men.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash Let it rain;open the flood gates of heaven.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash Just wish it could rain tomorrow.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash Somebody give me aids,I want to fuck up the nation.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash Somebody give me Aids.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash The Bible says 'chores' keep the soul pure. I honestly,from deep within disagree.
The Poet's Dream @survy_mash I've been offered R3000 to abstain from alcohol for two weeks. I declined.

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